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Top 5 Foodie Review Of The French Quarter

I am a misplaced southern girl. When I visit the south I truely feel at home. I love the people, and blend of different cultures.   New Orleans was no exception the people are full of colorful personalities. My adventurer and I always have tons of energy so we continued walking around the French Quarter when others needed a rest.  It was hot, and sticky even for me. But I still loved walking the uneven sidewalks in and out of eye catching shops.
Of course we were eating our way through the French quarter as well. Our top restaurants tied. The carnivore and I loved Domenica and picky eater and the adventurer loved Chef Duke's Cafe Giovanni. 
1. Domenica (carnivore and pescatarian choice) Ordered up!!! Cablabrese Pizza, Fried Tuscan Kale, Rigatoni with shrimp, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken (special order) and shrimp and Garganelli.   
Fresh warm bread is brought to the table with spicy olive oil for dipping. Check my Instagram video of the dough being rolled out.  The kale was am…

Foodie Review of Galveston Tx

This is such a cute island. Wish we would have stayed longer but we are making lemon pie and heading for the big easy and some more sunshine. I like rainy days but not on vacation.
Tropical Storm Bill Galveston is definitely a island I want to visit again. Lots to do for a little place.  We are really here for the food. So on to eating.  First place we went was the Saltgrass, a chain run by landry's. So you can find it in some other states. They have gluten free listed items.
Let me start with the portions are Texas size. So I know I would split a meal with one of my kids next time.  Ordered at my table was an avocado crab stack, t-bone with baked potato, BBQ shrimp stuffed  Enbrochette, salmon oscar, and chicken tenders and shrimp platter. 
 Avacado  crab stackcrab stack was delicious. Order this it's fresh and healthy tasting.  The t-bone was rated a 7 out of 10 by my favorite carnivore.   Our picky eater liked the chicken tenders and shrimp. The BBQ shrimp was not a hit with …

KD'S Southern Cuisine

Oklahoma City, Bricktown
I know I have not been online much. I am so sorry to my readers. However, I have decided to make the best use of my time on these roads trips my family loves so much.  Me not so much, but I love my family more. So I am happy they are happy.   So on the road. We stopped in Oklahoma City. The manager at the hotel recommended we go to Kd's for dinner. He told us about the chicken and waffles and the Brussel sprouts. He was not kidding. My son devoured the chicken and waffles. My husband ordered the T-bone steak. It was a thin cut, topped with fried onions. He really liked it but I know he likes a bit thicker steak. My daughter had ribs and the Brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts were amazing.  The ribs were ok. I was going to order the shrimp and grits, but it's cooked in bacon.  I know most people love bacon. Sorry I am not one.  So I opted for soup and salad. I had the French onion soup. Very thick layer of cheese. They put cro…