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Top 5 Foodie Review Of The French Quarter

I am a misplaced southern girl. When I visit the south I truely feel at home. I love the people, and blend of different cultures.   New Orleans was no exception the people are full of colorful personalities. My adventurer and I always have tons of energy so we continued walking around the French Quarter when others needed a rest.  It was hot, and sticky even for me. But I still loved walking the uneven sidewalks in and out of eye catching shops.
Of course we were eating our way through the French quarter as well. Our top restaurants tied. The carnivore and I loved Domenica and picky eater and the adventurer loved Chef Duke's Cafe Giovanni. 

1. Domenica (carnivore and pescatarian choice)
Ordered up!!! Cablabrese Pizza, Fried Tuscan Kale, Rigatoni with shrimp, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken (special order) and shrimp and Garganelli.   

Fresh warm bread is brought to the table with spicy olive oil for dipping. Check my Instagram video of the dough being rolled out. 
The kale was amazing even picky eater ate some. 
The pizza was perfect and for smaller appetites can be shared.  The pasta can be odered specific to what you want, picky eater was right on that.  We ordered the smaller portions of pasta. When it first came out we were a bit nervous it was not going to be enough food. The fresh made pasta was very filling. They bring out those beautiful expresso cookies when you are finished. They have dessert if you have room. This is a wonderful place for lunch. The fresh food is so good and smaller portions are perfect to keep you filled during a day of sight seeing. 

2. Chef Duke's Cafe Giovanni

Ordered up!!! Seafood Avocado salad, cheesy garlic bread, fettuccine Alfredo, two of the specials that night, crawfish and shrimp Monica and soft shell crab pasta.  Lastly southern style Louisiana voodoo shrimp as seen and won on iron chef.  We fished by sharing tiramisu. 

All of these dishes were very good. I really loved the fresh crab on the salad, large portion perfect for sharing. The voodoo shrimp has a bit of an Asian flare. However this misplaced southern girl can't pass up shrimp and grits.  It sat atop a portobello mushroom and a fried green tomato that melded together perfectly.  The fettuccine got "this is second best next to mom's." Everyone enjoyed their food. The other pasta specials were very good a nice fusion of Louisiana and Italy.  The tiramisu was average. We are spoiled on the tiramisu. Americans love to cheat and use lady fingers (actually I have found this in other countries too) Ugh only way to do it right is with a homemade sponge cake. Maybe I will post the recipe. Sometimes I even make the mascarpone cheese my self. (Mostly that was pre children though). 
Back to the restaurant, we lucked out  and went on a night with live entertainment. This was so much fun. Three rotating singers with huge smiles and a piano player. If your in the French quarter this is a don't miss. 

3. Cafe du monde
Ordered up!!! Frozen cafe au lait, cafe au lait, beignets, water and soda. We sat at a table in the open air cafe. Everything was served in five minutes. It was a wonderful break. The frozen cafe au lait was perfect. And the beignets were served hot, we had to wait and let them cool a bit. I could go hang out there everyday.
This was actually the adventures favorite place. But it's only a snack place.  It has to be at the top of your French quarter places to go. 

4. Acme Oyster House 
Ordered up!!! Crawfish étouffée, peace maker sandwich, oysters on the half shell, shirmp and fish platter and an oyster shooter.
Everyday this place has a line of people waiting to get some oysters. We ordered three dozen. They were loved. I thought I would be adventurous and try an oyster shooter. I had never had one. It was really good. The adventurer loved the étouffée it was the best we had while in New Orleans. The peace make was a good sandwich. It is an award winning bite so I had to give it a try.  Half of the sandwich is shrimp the other half oyster.  Fried food is a bit much for me. So next time I will order the étouffée. It's one of my favorite meals. The fish and shrimp platter was liked. Shrimp being the favorite part. 

5. Sucre 
This is a wonderful macaroon shop. We had a bunch of different flavors they were all good. This is adventurers favorite cookie. So much so that we make them at home. Now the window displaywill entice you to try these delectable cookies, once inside there is so much more. We only wish we had gone back to try the many other treats and gelato.

Wondering all over the French quarter we tried food at many places, grabbing a snack. We did a couple of walking tours so we needed to keep up our energy. The French market has lots of places to grab something quick. We tried some shrimp tacos. 
We also had some fresh shucked oysters. 
A local person told me the dive looking places are really good. He recommended coop's but we never made it. 

We tried the étouffée at this little place by Jackson square.  It was pretty good. The calamari there was a bit overcooked. 

We had a great time and had fresh seafood everywhere we went. Now I begin my seafood withdrawal!!! 
 Comment below and let me know your favorite places in the French Quarter. 

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