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KD'S Southern Cuisine

Oklahoma City, Bricktown

I know I have not been online much. I am so sorry to my readers. However, I have decided to make the best use of my time on these roads trips my family loves so much.  Me not so much, but I love my family more. So I am happy they are happy.  
So on the road. We stopped in Oklahoma City. The manager at the hotel recommended we go to Kd's for dinner. He told us about the chicken and waffles and the Brussel sprouts. He was not kidding. My son devoured the chicken and waffles. My husband ordered the T-bone steak. It was a thin cut, topped with fried onions. He really liked it but I know he likes a bit thicker steak. My daughter had ribs and the Brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts were amazing.  The ribs were ok. I was going to order the shrimp and grits, but it's cooked in bacon.  I know most people love bacon. Sorry I am not one.  So I opted for soup and salad. I had the French onion soup. Very thick layer of cheese. They put croutons under the cheese in stead of a crusty bread. I thought the soup was good. I think next time I will get a side salad and some of those amazing Brussel sprouts.  This is good southern food, so for the vegitarians the options are thin. I recommend you try it. 

Bricktown has it's own appeal. Great pedestrian walking area. Parking is a bit tough, keep driving around and you will find something. We saw a minor league ( I am assuming) baseball field with a game going on.  Lots of restaurants, a few shops and a movie theater. I heard there is a bowling ally in the area however I did not see it. They have a mini river walk and it looked like a boat taxi. One end had a bass pro and a few hotels within walking distance.  This is worth a stop if you are driving through the area. Just head to downtown. Happy travels. 

These are just my opinions and no compensation was offered.

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