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Kansas City Star Article

Check out junkfoodkids in the kansas city star.  It was a very fun afternoon.  We really enjoyed being interviewed by the Newspaper.  It was so nice of them to think of us and they featured one of my recipes.

Cuban Steaks

1 lb. Hormone and antibiotic free thin cut steaks  1/4 organic sweet onion 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp organic lemon juice Salt grinder  pepper grinder
Directions: Your steaks should be cut breakfast steak thickness. I like to have them cut a rump roast for my steaks. I have the butcher cut my steaks so they come out even and saves me time. Take each steak and sprinkle with salt and pepper then pound with a meat tenderizer. Turn steak over and repeat.  Complete this process with each steak.  Heat olive oil in a skillet until hot,  place steaks one at a time in the skillet and brown both sides.  When this is complete remove steaks and place on a plate together.  Add thin sliced onions to skillet and sauté when they are almost cooked through add lemon juice sauté one more …