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Snidkiddy Coupon

I have worked with Snikiddy before. They make some great products. This is a commercial that came out this past spring.   And for my readers I have a coupon from Snikiddy for you. Click here  This is not a paid or asked for endorsement I just thought I would share because I enjoyed this.

Farmers Market

Yes! I am a huge fan of the farmers market.  I love the friendly venders.  The smell of fresh baked bread,yum!! Over time I have found a couple of farmers I favor over others.  I am a huge fan of the local bakery Ibis, and love the pasta stand Pappardelle's.  Today it was lightly raining and way colder than I dressed for so I tried to make my run fast.  One of the farmers I like had great big boxes of sweet potatoes for $17.    So if you are planing to come over for dinner I hope you like your yams.  The other farmer I like, had the largest spaghetti squash I have ever seen. I bought two, I weighed one it was 7 lbs.  These yellow beauties were $5 each.  I also bought some smaller ones for $1 each.  What a deal they are 1.99 a lb on sale at the local grocery.  I was feeling pretty good when the smell of delicious bread crossed my nose. The reason I came to the farmers market in the cold and rain.  They make a bread that I turn into my families favorite french toast.  I bought two l…

Spicy Ketchup

Ok this is so easy it's almost silly to post.  However people always shocked at how much they like my spicy Ketchup.  So really it is two ingredients and it changes every so often my reasoning is that the hot sauce I use must have a funny name.   The current hot sauce I am using is Bayou Pecker Power, my sister in law purchased for me in Louisiana.  We love sauces and rubs with funny names. If you are having trouble finding a sauce with a great name, I have your solution.  Tijuana Flats has great names for their sauces.  I gave them out as party favors at a mexican party everyone had to announce the name of their sauce.  Lots of laughs.

Now that you have your funny named sauce, Mix it with equal parts of ketchup and stir.  Thats it.  You are ready.  Hope you like it Hot!! Happy Eating.

extra note; I am not coloring your allergy because this recipe is all about what brand you are using.