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Get Dinner To The Table

I am writing this article because people
who know me are always asking me "how do you do it". What they mean is how do I have a hot dinner ready when my kids get home. 
So I decided I will start posting some of my tips and tricks. I am home a lot so I am able to start cooking early. My biggest obsticale is that my round trip to school and back (in the afternoon) can be 1-2 hours. Many of us have an afternoon shuffle. So hopefully some of these ideas will help you. 
I start prepping at in the afternoon. sometimes earlier each day. Planning out what I want to make can sometimes be the hardest. 
Your hard working friends that you need are crockpots. I use more than one often times. Rice cooker.  And timed oven cycle. If I am putting something in the oven I know the timer will turn it off and with the oven door staying shut my food will still be warm when I get home. 
If you work you can definitely put crock pots to good use. And you can prep food  a head of time and have it ready to…

Stuffed and Grilled Mushrooms

I have been eating mainly vegetables for more than year now and my kids are starting to eat a lot more veggies.  I make a couple of veggie sides each night to choose from.  This is an easy option that you can prep ahead of time and cook as soon as you walk in the door.  So you can get your family to the table faster.

5.3 oz garlic and basil goat cheese 1 tbs chopped sun-dried tomatoes 8 mushroom caps
Directions: Mix goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes together.  fill each mushroom cap.  Grill on upper rack of barbecue grill about 8 minutes.  They need to stay firm so they keep the filling.  Serve hot.

Happy Eating!