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Fall Off The Bone Ribs

This is so easy and your family will love them. We had no leftovers. 
These are slow cooked and so easy it feels like you are cheating. Get your crock pot out and get ready to impress your family. 
1 1/2 rack of pork ribs  1 1/2 tbsp your choice bbq rub  1/2 cup your choice bbq sauce. 
1. Cut your ribs so that they will fit in your crock pot. I just cut mine in half.  2. Cover your ribs with rub. 3.  Place ribs in crock pot. 
4. I cooked my ribs on high for 4 1/2 hours if you need to cook them all day while you are out cook them on low. 
5. Take out of crock pot and put in a baking dish bone side down. Use tongs and use caution so your meat does not fall off the bones. 
6. Cover meat side with bbq sauce using a basting brush. 
7. Put in oven and broil on high five minutes. 
8. Serve with sides and enjoy the compliments from your family. It was a great dinner with my family. 
Happy Eating. 


Right now no carb and low carb diets are hot. This will work right into your diet. Really you can make this with any toppings you desire. I love making a little pizza bar and letting my fam make their own. This is how I made mine today.  1 portobello mushroom  2 tbsp tomato basil sauce  4 quarters marinated artichoke hearts  3 slices fresh mozzarella  2 basil leaves 
1. Wash mushroom and remove stem.   2. Place sauce on stem side of mushroom.  3. Chop and drain artichoke hearts. Place on top of sauce.  4. Top with mozzarella  5. Thinly slice basil and top off your pizza  6.  Grill at 400 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes. 
Happy Eating!!

German Potatoes

I have no idea why these are called German. I learned the recipe years ago and they were called German potatoes so the name has stuck. This is a super easy recipe. 

4 large red potatoes  2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 large sweet onion 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce  1tsp garlic powder  Salt to taste 
1. Place oilive oil in skillet, heat until it sizzles when you drip a bit of water.  2. Cube potatoes and place in skillet.  3.  Slice onion into slivers place in skittle and cover with lid.  4.  Stir every few minutes until potatoes are tender. About 15 minutes. Keep an eye and adjust your heat to keep things from burning.  6. Add one tbsp of Worcestershire sauce at a time and mix.  7. Add garlic and salt mix and serve hot. 
Happy Eating!!