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New Years Warm Tequila Punch

New Year traditions have strong ties to food, looking to bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.   Each country has food traditions and different parts of the united states have their own good luck foods.  In Cuba they throw pans of water out the front door to throw out the bad spirits.  Cubans, Spanish and Portuguese also eat 12 grapes in the last 60 seconds of the year for good luck in up coming 12 months, in Mexico they eat 1 grape for a wish.  Eating 12 grapes is harder than you think, We do this each year.  It is a really fun activity for the kids.   In Argentina  eat beans and black eye peas in the American south for a good new year.   Marzipan pigs are popular in Austria and Germany.  India, Italy and Brazil choose lentil dishes.  In Greece they like to smash pomegranates and hang onions at the front door.   Roasted pig is served in Austria, Cuba, Hungary, and Portugal to represent progress and prosperity.   In Denmark you are well liked if you wake up to lots of broken d…