I Have A Problem

 I am writing something other than a recipe today.  Because I wanted to let my readers know about my problem.  The pictures I post, most of the time are my own of the food I make. I try to post something I have recently made at home so, I can give my readers a fresh picture of my food.  So the dishes you see are my dishes.  I have two small sets that I have mixed together.

After many years of being married, my dishes from when we got married are very few.  So when we made this last move I bought some dishes that were inexpensive but I really liked.  However these dishes get hot when I reheat food in the microwave.  So last year my mother-in-law gave me a nice gift card for my birthday to a department store.  So I used that to buy a really nice set of dishes.  They are supposed to be microwave and dishwasher safe.

One day warming a piece of pizza in the microwave I hear a pop.  I open the microwave and the dish has cracked all the way across. It was only in the microwave 30 seconds.  So I thought, ok one bad dish no big deal.  I took the dish to the department store and they exchanged it out. Not a big deal.  However now I have two plates and a bowl that have popped in the microwave.

 So I thought I would bring my readers along on my journey as today I am going to contact the company and let them know about my dishes and see what they respond.  I really like these dishes and I am hoping for a good resolution, otherwise I will be in search of new dishes for my family.  I will keep you posted on what happens next.  I just hope that something good happens.  I like to  have a pretty dish to show my food.


  1. We had this happen with our last microwave just before it died. Dishes that we had been microwaving for years suddenly cracked right down the middle or right where the food topped off. It might be the microwave having some sort of hot spot?

    1. I had not thought about the microwave. However it is new and the only set that has cracked is this one particular set. I will have the microwave.

  2. This reminds me of the Yankee Candle that I had that exploded. It wasn't near the bottom so I am not sure how it got too hot. Good luck!

    I am following you from the blog hop.

    Mel S


  3. what a shame! I hope the company will resolve this issues for you!

  4. After 10 years with our wedding dishes mine are starting to crack from the microwave too. i guess they should have come with a warranty...

  5. good luck! I had new pots that went bad (not that they are dishes) but I contacted the company and they mailed me a new one! .. good luck!


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