Me Time With A Purpose

This weekend I thought hard about what to write today.  I thought about the great breakfast casserole I made for my family this weekend.  I thought about tea's.  As I thought on Sunday and flipped through my magazines, I thought about how much I was enjoying my bit of ME time.  I get up earlier than my family most of the time, we have puppies that rise early.  So during my me time I went through magazines.  Old ones that have stacked up around my house.  I know it's a small thing.  However I got out some file folders, labeled them and ripped out articles I found of interest.

Recipes, one of my folders, I want to try out on my family.

Garden ideas, I love working in the garden and not just mine but my in-laws as well. I put sticky notes on the torn out pages so I would remember what I was thinking at the time.

website, these were pages that gave me inspiration of what to write to my followers.  Again I used my sticky notes.

Decor Ideas, I am always working on my house.  Looking for simple ways to make an easy change or organize an area.

I spent maybe an hour on my magazines.  A feeling of accomplishment was left with me as I finished a project that was relaxing.  Once done my files went to my work area and a few magazines found a home in the recycling bin.  ME time with a purpose.  Try some out for yourself and let me know how your feel.